• Emergency Client Services
Provides emergency food, counseling and referrals to individuals and families of
Bastrop County who find themselves in a crisis food situation. Households may be
served as often as once every three weeks.
Applicant must be 18 years old, head of household and without food for one of
the following reasons:
  • Lost, stolen or delayed check
  • Natural disaster such as fire, flood, etc.
  • Loss of job, unemployable or illness
  • No other support services are presently available.
  • Brown Bag and Open Arms Programs
Provides participants with a grocery bag full of nutritional, supplemental food and
necessary personal items once each month. They may also receive donated bread
and baked goods up to three times a week through the Whole Grains Programs.
Brown Bag Eligibility: Low-Income, Over age 60
This program also provides social, health, nutritional, and recreational
activities including exercise, education classes, and bingo.
Open Arms Eligibility: Low-Income, Under age 60 and physically or mentally
  • Elgin Soup Kitchen
Every first Thursday of the month we are the sponsor of the First Presbyterian
Church's Soup Kitchen in Elgin.  Our staff and volunteers prepare and serve a
nutritious hot meal at lunchtime, 12:00 to 12:30pm.
brown bags filled with food
Elgin's soup kitchen
US Post office's Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Result
  • Fresh Foods for Families
We, in cooperation with the Capital Area Food Bank, provide fresh vegetables,
fruit, and bread on a first come first serve basis to anyone who arrives between
9:00 and 10:00 am on the third Friday of each month.
  • Educational Workshops
Our educational workshops are focused on empowering clients to make changes
in their spending habits. We offer information on budgeting, menu planning,
shopping tips and nutrition. We stress the importance of eating healthily
especially for children whose school performance has been proven to correlate
with proper nutrition.
  • Fan Distribution
Family Eldercare graciously donates box fans
each summer for Bastrop County residents who
meet eligibility requirements. Those who have
not received a fan in the previous two years, if
otherwise eligible, may pick one up during the
summer months... while supplies last. Please call
the Pantry for eligibility requirements.
  • Holiday Activities (Meals, Adopt a Family)
Through this program we help families through the Thanksgiving and Christmas
holidays. We provide food for the dinners and a gift to children in some of the
lowest, or no, income brackets.
With the excellent teamwork of our staff members, volunteers and Board of
Directors, the Bastrop County Food Pantry & Support Center continues to
uphold its commitment to the community, supplying nutritious emergency food
and support while actively leading the fight to end hunger.
If you can assist us with or need any of these programs please contact us.
Programs We Offer
Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry & Support Center
Emergency Assistance
171,061 lbs...1,415 families
4,089 individuals... 136,854 Meals

Brown Bag/Open Arms
35,546 lbs to Members
1,618 Brown Bag households served
802 Open Arms households served

Fresh Food for Families
64,358 lbs... 1963 families
5,461 individuals... 51,486 Meals
Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry | 806 Fayette Street, PO Box 953, Bastrop, TX 78602  |  512-303-0033
BCEFP presents a new program called Stronger Families Today (SFT) to provide
financial education workshops, case management and financial assistance to
low-income individuals and families who are homeless and at risk of
homelessness or suffering hunger-related needs.
    Case management – to determine a service plan that will lead to financial
    Budgeting workshops – to help prepare for those scheduled events as well
    as emergencies.
Education Classes:
  • Banking - to familiarize the population the banking terms and processes.
  • Credit Counseling – explanation of your individual report and how credit
    reports are viewed
  • Improved Credit Score- explanation of how a credit score is calculated,
    how it affects your purchasing power and how it can be improved with
    simple steps.
  • Information and Referral – to help find resources to assist families in
    achieving long term financial stability.
  • Holiday Activities (Meals, Adopt a Family)
  • Holiday Activities (Meals, Adopt a Family)
  • Holiday Activities (Meals, Adopt a Family)
  • Holiday Activities (Meals, Adopt a Family)
  • Stronger Families Today (SFT)
Providing a lifeline to Bastrop County residents with  

 “emergency food” bridging the gap between their
basic nutritional needs and their ability to address
these needs on their own

 Information, counsel and assistance to lift our needy—
young, old, individuals, families—out of poverty